Terms and conditions of sale

1.0 Offers and agreements


Offers are binding for 6 months from the date of the offer.


The agreement is concluded when the customer’s acceptance is received by us.


CMYK: With CMYK printing, colour deviations of up to +/- 5% may occur.


Variations in size may occur from +/- 2mm to 2%.

2.0. Price


All prices in our calculator are shown excl. VAT. However, the full amount incl. VAT is displayed at the checkout.


All prices are based on the current wages, material prices and other costs applicable on the date the offer is submitted.


If the customer has requested sketches, layouts, artwork, text suggestions, proofs, Cromalin, etc., we are entitled to receive payment for the work at our current hourly rate.


If increases in wages, material prices, taxes or other costs occur in the time leading up to delivery, we are entitled to adjust the price by such documented increases.


If decreases in wages, material prices, taxes or other costs occur during the time leading up to delivery, the customer is entitled to demand that the price is adjusted by such documented decreases.


Prices in foreign currency are based on exchange rates in Danish kroner valid on the date of the offer. The supplier reserves the right to change prices in accordance with exchange rate fluctuations.


Besides the offered or agreed price, we are entitled to demand payment for:


Additional work incurred as a result of the material provided by the customer being incomplete, unsuitable or defective or if corrections are made after the work has commenced. If the price for this work exceeds DKK 75, we will inform you before the work starts.


Overtime or other measures agreed with the customer after conclusion of the agreement


All prices are calculated for delivery to the address stated in the offer. Costs for transport to another address and for transport insurance are paid by the customer in addition to the agreed price, cf. 3.3. We will take out insurance on the customer’s behalf if they request it.


If the customer wants us to store finished work or property that does not belong to the supplier, the customer will pay the fees in addition to the agreed price.

3. Delivery


In relation to the conditions mentioned in 3.2, the delivery will be at a time agreed with the customer. If no such delivery time is agreed, delivery will be when our work is complete.


If delivery is delayed or prevented due to any of the circumstances listed in clause 9.1. or acts or omissions of the customer, the supplier is entitled to a corresponding extension to the delivery time or to cancel the agreement. If an event such as those mentioned above leads to the fulfilment of our delivery obligations becoming more expensive for the supplier, we are obliged to complete this if the customer declares to indemnify the supplier by paying the estimated extra cost.

4. Payment


Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made 14 days after the invoice date.


In case of late payment, 2% interest per commenced month will be added to the balance, starting from the date the payment was due.


At the supplier’s request, the customer shall at any time be required to provide a bank guarantee as security for payment. If the request is made after the agreement has been concluded, we are obliged to indemnify the customer for any expense involved.


If the customer’s circumstances lead to an agreement not being carried out on a continual basis, the supplier is entitled to partial invoicing.


Payment is due either on the date of the offer, order confirmation, or on the payment date indicated on the invoice.


When paying by credit card, the amount is deducted when we send the order.

5. Ownership

All goods from the supplier remain the supplier’s property until the date of final payment.

6. Ownership in detail


Sketches, layouts, artwork, text proposals, templates, etc., regardless of production or storage method, belong to the supplier and shall not be transferred to a third party without the supplier’s consent.


Whatever the supplier has provided or allowed to be used for the delivery, whether it is processed or intermediate, such as reproduction and print media, regardless of production or storage method, as well as tools such as die cuts, stamping or welding tools, are the property of the supplier and the customer cannot demand these to be transferred to them after the work is complete. This applies regardless of whether the resources provided are separately invoiced.


Items listed in 6.2 can only be used in work for the customer and are stored only by agreement.

7. Deficiencies


The supplier has no responsibility for errors that the customer has not corrected in writing via proofreading or printed proofs.


Minor deviations from the approved sample or agreed specification shall not entitle the customer to a price reduction or a refusal to accept the order.


The supplier has the right to increase or decrease the delivery by up to 10% of the quantity ordered. In cases where paper or other materials are specifically made for the order by a company other than the supplier, the supplier is entitled to a reasonable over-delivery or under-delivery in addition to 10% of the quantity ordered, with a maximum corresponding to the material supplier’s delivery conditions.

A 24-month warranty – possibly limited by the expiry date – applies to both used products and ordered products. You must lodge any complaints within a reasonable time, namely within 2 months of discovering the defect or deficiency.

If the shipment turns out to be defective, the customer is obliged to lodge a complaint immediately. If no complaint is made or the customer does not lodge a complaint within 8 days of delivery, the customer loses the right to have the defect corrected. The supplier is entitled to correct the deficiency if this can be done within a reasonable time.


If the customer provides paper or other materials for the delivery, the supplier is not liable for errors or defects that can be attributed thereto.

8. Responsibilities


In the event of a delay or defects in the delivery, the suppliers shall have no liability where the delay or defect is due to defects in or damage to production equipment that has proven to cause delay or damage to production, in the event of labour disputes of any kind or any circumstances outside the supplier’s control, such as fire, water damage, natural disasters, war, mobilisation or unforeseen military call-ups of a similar extent, requisition, confiscation, riots, disturbances, currency restrictions, lack of transport, general scarcity of goods, restrictions on fuel, export and import bans and other force majeure situations.


Delayed or incomplete delivery shall be subject to the exemption from liability stated in clause 9.1 if the reason for the subcontractor’s delay or failure to perform is one of the circumstances stated in clause 9.1 or the termination of the company.


In case of delay or defects in the delivery, the supplier is not liable for operating losses, loss of profit or other indirect losses, including losses due to the customer's legal relationships with third parties, cf. section. 9.4.


The supplier takes no responsibility for the customer’s failure to reproduce, copy, use or publish text, pictures, drawings, designs, illustrations, texts, trademarks and other business identifiers. This also includes designs or anything that may be subject to third party rights. If the supplier assumes responsibility towards third parties for the failure of the customer to exercise additional rights, the customer shall indemnify the supplier for such liability.


The supplier has no responsibility for loss or damage to property such as originals, materials, etc. that do not belong to the supplier, but that have been left with the supplier by the customer for storage, including storage of works already completed, see section 2.5. The supplier is responsible if it is proved the loss or damage is due to gross negligence by the supplier. The customer is to provide insurance against damage and destruction. If the customer wishes the material to be returned, this must be made clear upon delivery of the material – and it must be delivered with prepaid return packaging.

9. Subcontractors

The supplier is entitled to have the work fully or partially performed by subcontractors.

10. Periodicals

If not agreed otherwise, when the customer is a publisher of periodicals, a termination notice of 3 months applies for monthly and quarterly publications and 6 months for weekly and fortnightly publications.

11. The Sale of Goods Act

Danish legislation, including the Danish Sale of Goods Act, applies to this agreement to the extent that the legal conditions are not defined in these terms and conditions or in the order itself. Any dispute concerning the interpretation, fulfilment, and enforcement of terms can only be brought before the Danish courts in accordance with the Danish rules of jurisdiction.

12. Disputes


If, upon delivery, there is doubt as to the nonconformity of the product, it is our right to choose whether the dispute shall be settled by arbitration or by the ordinary courts.


If the case is to be brought before the courts, the case must be brought under the jurisdiction of our head office, regardless of where the buyer lives or resides.


If the case is to be settled by arbitration, the tribunal must be established under the provisions of “General Conditions for Works and Supplies 1992”, § 47.


Expert assessment is established under the provisions of “General Conditions for Works and Supplies 1992”, § 45. In addition, this legislation does not apply to our deliveries.

13. E-mail marketing

13.1. Marketing purposes

Your email address may be used for marketing purposes.

13.2. Third party

Your email address will never be given/sold to third parties. You will only receive information from the supplier group.

13.3. Range and relevance

You will only receive information from the supplier group that deals with relevant products. We send a maximum of two newsletters per month.

13.4. Unsubscribing and questions

You can always unsubscribe using the e-mail service on the website.

14. Right of cancellation

§ 11 Danish Sale of Goods Act
11.1. Danish law, including the Sale of Goods Act, applies to this Agreement to the extent that the legal position is not established in the text or in these terms and conditions. Any dispute concerning the interpretation or fulfilment of the terms and enforcement can only be brought before Danish courts in accordance with Danish rules on jurisdiction. 2.11 According to Danish legislation including the Sale of Goods Act, the normal withdrawal period of fourteen days does not apply to our company as all our products are specially made. Read more on www.forbrugerraadet.dk

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