We offer several types of printing methods and ensure high quality!

Digital printing

The technology of digital printing is similar to the technology found in a colour laser printer. This is a toner-based printing technology, where the colour is burned into the paper.
We offer digital printing on the new HP Indigo 12000 digital press. These machines use a technology that makes prints look similar to offset printing. Our change has the added advantage that the print will look the same whether you are ordering 300 copies (digital printing) or 30,000 (offset printing).

Offset printing

Offset printing is the traditional way to produce print products.
Firstly, a printing plate is made for each of the four inking units (CMYK). Then around 200 printed sheets are run through the machine to adjust the colours.
Liquid colours are used, with no thermal transfer, as this method is the cheapest to produce in large quantities.


With a print quality of 2,400 x 2,400 DPI, inkjet quality has become so good that it can be used for commercial printing.
Due to speed and production costs, this printing machine is very suitable for book production.

MGI – Finishing

As the machine works 100% digitally, the expensive start-up costs of typically DKK 2,500 have (almost) vanished and you can look forward to significant savings!

• Regular spot coating
• 3D spot coating (embossing, up to 200 microns).
• Foil (e.g. spot gold foil!!)

Large Format

Large format – also called plotting – is a printing technology similar to inkjet printers.
Large format printers can handle a variety of media, including paper, vinyl, stickers, fabric etc.

- Always make sure that your files are ready to print, read more under layout.